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Brawin Oy is established 2009 by Akseli Kaaro as the RF consulting in Europe had high demand on skills and expertise. Via Brawin company I am providing RF and electronics engineering consulting services for the product design such as mobile phones, mobile phone chipset development such as LTE 4G and 5G. Services for product industrialization, test system development and take part in prototype projects.

Areas in interest: Automotive, Mobile Phones, Test Systems Space, Aviation and Medical. --> mainly when the whole product is the focus of the development. 


Social aspets of the projects are also in interest: team leading, improving the team spirits, adapting new methods of innovation leadership and enhanching the business with expertise accumulated over years of providing consulting in different companies and countries. 

The product development sector of our company has been arisen from a pool of innovated ideas processed over the years. 

Ideas turn into products, when the market meets the creative thinking, spiced with knowhow and practical skills.