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Brawin Oy is providing design services for wireless products and systems. Such as IOT solutions for telemetry etc. applications or participating high end mobile phone development teams. Thus, we offer also onsite services for customer projects on RF and Baseband electronics design and project management services. Brawin in-house prototype and product development is one of our main areas, where the complete system can be tailored to customer’s needs.  

Our consultants can be integrated into client’s existing design team or carry out specified tasks from the Brawin Oy office. Each service pack will be customised with the client to assure smooth and efficient running of the project up to completion. 


System and concept design of the RF Engine is also one of our strong points as we have worked with all different types of Radio generations and Systems. Our expertise is gained from multiple global projects, where the end product is designed by using various manufactures’ platforms combined with third party vendor parts. This experience and knowledge of the whole production chain from idea to design to factory and eventually to mass production will be used as your benefit to save costs and gain efficiency. We can also provide services for pre-production de-bugging and prototype series development.  


If you have ongoing development projects and would like to have “extra horsepower” to boost up your efficiency, Brawin Oy Technical RF HW consultant can deliver that required boost to your team. Tasks can be varying from hands on design to lab measuring or project team leading. 

We offer system and component level design services on: 5G, LTE Advanced Pro, LTE 4G, WCDMA 3G, GSM, Ultrawideband (UWB) radar, RF to Optics (RF/Laser), Medical devices, Bluetooth, Wireless LAN, GPS, HF tactical Radio, RFID and different industrial RF solutions.

The areas we cover:


  • IOT Devices (LTE Cat-M1, LTE NB, customer wireless)
  • Mobile phone devices RF and Electronics design
  • RF and baseband design on component and system level
  • Schematic and Layout creation, using industry standard programs 
  • PCB area estimations
  • Prestudy research projects
  • RF Debugging and bring up
  • RF Performance tuning and optimization 
  • Parts selections and evaluation
  • Negotiations with vendors
  • Calculation of RF Link Budgets
  • Preplanning of projects
  • RF Transceiver ASIC’s testing and configuration
  • Simulations with RF Tools
  • Mathematical Problem Solving
  • Test System Development
  • EMC design
  • Antenna design

Brawin Oy

Kankurinkatu 2 A 9

00150 Helsinki



Akseli Kaaro, Managing Director

Tel. +358 40 558 6693




Brawin Oy is actively looking for new highly skilled people and motivated consultants. We also would like to link with other skilled people and partner companies.